FYC 2020 Race Schedule (Rev 4 - 20-08-26)  
  Jun-27 Grand Lake Premier Saturday Douglas Harbour  
  Jul-1 Raper Memorial Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Jul-8 Wednesday Night (series 1.1) Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Jul-11 Bulletproof Solutions Race  Saturday Douglas Harbour  
  Jul-15 Wednesday Night (series 1.2) Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Jul-19 Exit Realty Welcome Race Sunday Douglas Harbour  
  Jul-22 Wednesday Night (series 1.3) Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Jul-25 Joy of Framing/Charity Cup Sat/Sun Douglas Harbour  
  Jul-29 Wednesday Night (series 1.4) Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Aug-5 Wednesday Night (series 1.5)  Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Aug-8 Endurance Race Saturday Douglas Harbour  
  Aug-12 Wednesday Night (makeup)  Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Aug-19 Wednesday Night (series 2.1)  Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Aug-22 Casey at the Bat Thursday Douglas Harbour  
  Aug-26 Wednesday Night (series 2.2)  Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Aug-29 L & A Challenge Saturday Douglas Harbour  
  Sep-2 Wednesday Night (series 2.3)  Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Sep-9 Wednesday Night (series 2.4) Wednesday Douglas Harbour  
  Sep-12 Sunset Race Saturday Douglas Harbour  
  Sep-16 Wednesday Night (series 2.5)  Canceled Canceled  
  NOTE: All race times are GPS time.  
Weekend Races  
Skippers Meeting  - 1200 on the wharf
5 min. warning horn - 1300 at the start line
First fleet start horn - 1305 at the start line
Wednesday Races in June, July and August
  Skippers meeting - 1800 on the water over the radio on Channel 71
  5 min. warning horn - 1810 at the start line
First fleet start horn - 1815 at the start line
Wednesday Races in September
  Skippers meeting - 1745 on the water over the radio on Channel 71
  5 min. warning horn - 1755 at the start line
First fleet start horn - 1800 at the start line
Starting Sequence
  Warning Signal - Horn blast 5 min before First Fleet start
First Fleet - Start horn at 0 min
Second Fleet - Start horn at +10 min (no horn if only two fleets)
Third fleet if necessary - No horn at +15 min
Finishing Procedure
Justified will be standing by on Channel 71 to take finish times.
Approx. 1 to 2 min. before finishing, call on Ch 71, "BOATNAME approaching"
Justified will acknowledge the call by responding "Standing By".
As you cross the line call on Channel 71, "BOATNAME over".
Justified will acknowledge the call with "minutes and seconds" of finish time
except when multiple boats are finishing close together. In that case the finish
times will be acknowledged after the group of boats has crossed.
If Justified does not acknowledge a call Justified did not receive a call except
as noted in the above circumstances. 
It is recommended that each boat record their GPS finish time in case radio
communications are disrupted on Channel 71.